NVMe-oF Support is now Released!

Today Pure Storage officially released support of NVMe-oF support on the FlashArray. This is another important step forward in the FlashArrays progress with NVMe. Prior to this, we have made a few incremental, but important improvements in the product to add full end-to-end support of NVMe:

  1. Converting our NVRAM devices to use NVMe
  2. Moving off of SSDs and adding custom NVMe-based flash modules in the FlashArray//X chassis
  3. Adding support for drive shelves that are connected via NVMe-oF
  4. Officially release NVMe-oF support for front-end workloads.

This has been a multi-step process that we spent a great deal of effort to make sure we were fully taking advantage of what NVMe in general has to offer.

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PowerCLI and VVols Part VIII: Running a Failover–Planned Migration

In the previous post in this series I explored how to run a VVol-based test failover of a virtual machine. Now I will walk through running an actual failover.

There are two types of failovers; a planned migration (everything is up an running) and a disaster recovery failover (part or all of the original site is down).

For this post, I will start with running a planned migration.

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PowerCLI and VVols Part VII: Synchronizing a Replication Group

In this post, I will overview how to synchronize a VVol-based replication group with PowerCLI. See previous posts below for more context:

This post is somewhat specific to Pure Storage–the cmdlets of course are universal, but behaviors may not correlate to your storage array. So if you are using VVols on a non-Pure array, certainly consult your vendor.

Furthermore, this is certainly specific to PowerCLI when it comes to the commands. With that being said, the fundamentals on how this works with Pure is common for all orchestration tools, so you should be able to use this information for other tools. Though of course the cmds/syntax will be different.

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