Is NVMe-oF Ready for Prime Time with vSphere 7?

One of the new features in vSphere 7 is support for NVMe-oF (Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabric)–this replaces SCSI as a protocol and extends the NVMe command set over an external (to the host) fabric.

So what is it and why? I think this is worth a quick walk down memory lane to really answer both of these questions.

Before I get into it, below is a recent video/podcast/roundtable I did with the Gestalt IT with a few wonderful people:

  • Christopher Kusek
  • Greg Stuart
  • Jason Massae
  • Stephen Foskett

The premise is “Is NVMe-oF ready for the primetime?” Check it out and find out where we all land! For more on my thoughts, read on.

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PowerShell Core Support for Installation of the Pure Storage vSphere Plugin

For those Windows users, one of the nice things that just went GA was Windows Terminal–which is pretty cool.

Of course this is probably gets an old “big deal, I’ve had that on Linux or Mac since the stone age” from those users. And fair enough.

Anyways, regardless to your platform, you might be a PowerShell user–since PowerShell Core is supported on multiple platforms. If you are a PowerCLI user, VMware added support a few years ago. Our base PowerShell modules (for direct management of the FA) does not yet support Core, though it is in plan. We also offer a VMware-focused Pure Storage PowerShell Module which connects PowerCLI commands with FlashArray operations (when needed) to managing a VMware and Pure environment a streamlined experience in PowerShell. This module has some cmdlets that have dependencies on both, and some have dependencies on just one of the two. The latter situation is what I am working on.

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