FlashArray and VMware Best Practices/ Configuration

Best Practices

All Protocols:

Multipathing Rules (Not applicable to 6.0 Patch 5 and later or 6.5 Update 1 and later):

Multipathing Rules ESXi 6.0 P5 and 6.5 U1

Other recommendations/considerations:

iSCSI-Specific Best Practices:

  • Login Timeout: 30 Seconds (required)
  • DelayedAck: Disabled (recommended)
  • Jumbo Frames: Optional

FlashArray Snapshot Management and VMware

  1. Mounting an unresolved VMFS
  2. Why not force mount?
  3. Why might a VMFS resignature operation fail?
  4. How to correlate a VMFS and a FlashArray volume
  5. How to snapshot a VMFS on the FlashArray
  6. How to mount a VMFS FlashArray snapshot
  7. Restoring a single VM from a FlashArray snapshot