iSCSI Setup

iSCSI Setup and Information


Adding FlashArray iSCSI targets to VMware:

Manually: Setting up iSCSI with VMware ESXi and the FlashArray

Automated: PowerShell GUI VMware and FlashArray Storage Management Tool

Configuring iSCSI Port Binding/Multipathing

Why do it?: Another look at ESXi iSCSI Multipathing (or a Lack Thereof)

How to do it:

Setting up Software iSCSI Multipathing with Distributed vSwitches with the vSphere Web Client

Setting up iSCSI Port Binding with Standard vSwitches in the vSphere Web Client

Advanced Configuration:

Configuring iSCSI CHAP in VMware with the FlashArray

iSCSI-Related issues:

SRM Cannot Identify Replicated Datastores on iSCSI Devices