FlashArray PowerShell VMware Module

To help our customers I have written a module that includes a lot of the common operations people might need to “connect” PowerCLI to our PowerShell SDK.

The module is called PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware.

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The module is designed into four separate modules that are included when you install the main one:

  • PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware.Configuration –this does connection management, host configuration, and generic initial setup.
  • PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware.VMFS–this offers VMFS-related cmdlets
  • PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware.VVol–this offers VVol-related cmdlets
  • PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware.RDM–this offers RDM-related cmdlets

There are two places you can download this. The best option is the PowerShell gallery! This allows you to use install-module to automatically install the module. It requires PowerCLI and the PureStorage PowerShell SDK to be installed, the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK will be automatically installed when you do install-module if it is not already.

The module will help you connect PowerCLI commands (like get-datastore or get-vmhost) to operations you might want to do on the FlashArray. The cmdlets support pipeline input for most variables (datastores, FlashArray connections, ESXi hosts, etc.).

To install:

install-module PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware

To load the module:

import-module PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware

To update:

update-module PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware

Use either get-help or get-command to see the details:

Comment on Versioning

Versions numbering w.x.y.z (for example

  • W is iterated for large updates
  • X is iterated for new cmdlets
  • Y is iterated for new functions to existing cmdlets
  • Z is iterated for bug fixes

Latest version (July 31st, 2019)


new-pfaConnection get-pfaDatastore get-pfaConnectionOfDatastore new-pfaRestSession remove-pfaRestSession new-pfaHostFromVmHost get-pfaHostFromVmHost get-pfaHostGroupfromVcClusternew-pfaHostGroupfromVcCluster set-vmHostPfaiSCSI set-clusterPfaiSCSI new-pfaVolRdm get-pfaVolfromRDM get-pfaConnectionlfromRDM new-pfaVolRdmSnapshot get-pfaVolRDMSnapshot copy-pfaSnapshotToRDM set-pfaVolRDMCapacity remove-pfaVolRDM convert-pfaVolRDMtoVvol get-pfaVolfromVMFS new-pfaVolVmfs add-pfaVolVmfsToCluster set-pfaVolVmfsCapacity get-pfaVolVmfsSnapshot new-pfaVolVmfsSnapshot new-pfaVolVmfsFromSnapshot update-pfaVvolVmVolumeGroup get-vvolUuidFromHardDisk get-pfaVolumeNameFromVvolUuid get-pfaSnapshotsFromVvolHardDisk copy-pfaVvolVmdkToNewVvolVmdk copy-pfaSnapshotToExistingVvolVmdkcopy-pfaSnapshotToNewVvolVmdk copy-pfaVvolVmdkToExistingVvolVmdk new-pfaSnapshotOfVvolVmdkget-vmdkFromWindowsDisk, New-PfaVasaProvider Get-PfaVasaProvider Remove-PfaVasaProviderInstall-PfavSpherePlugin Get-PfavSpherePlugin, Mount-PfaVvolDatastore

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