Pure Storage PowerShell VMware Module

To help our customers I have written a module that includes a lot of the common operations people might need to “connect” PowerCLI to our PowerShell SDK.

The module is called Cody.PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware.

There are a couple of places you can download this. The best option is the PowerShell gallery! This allows you to use install-module to automatically install the module. It requires PowerCLI and the PureStorage PowerShell SDK to be installed, the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK will be automatically installed when you do install-module if it is not already.

If you do not have internet access on the machine, you can manually download it from my GitHub:


The cmdlet will help you connect PowerCLI commands (like get-datastore or get-vmhost) to operations you might want to do on the FlashArray. The cmdlets support pipeline input for most variables (datastores, FlashArray connections, ESXi hosts, etc.).

I will be working on adding more and more to this!

To install:

install-module Cody.PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware

To update:

update-module Cody.PureStorage.FlashArray.VMware

Use either get-help or get-command to see the details:

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