How’s it going? Thanks for visiting! My name is Cody Hosterman and I am currently a Technical Director for VMware Solutions at Pure Storage. My focus is VMware best practices, integration and general solutions. I love technology and I love learning about how it works. Previously, I worked at EMC Corporation in Symmetrix Engineering (VMAX) focusing on VMware as well. I’ve kicked around with VPLEX and ScaleIO a bit too. Current focus is on the vRealize suite, but also SRM. vRO and vRA are my current best friends. PowerShell is my friend as well. If you have questions hit me up on Twitter! Or comment on here.

In my spare time I like to bicycle, play in a kickball league with my friends, bar trivia, camping, hiking and traveling. Also a die hard college football fan (We Are… Penn State!).

Pennsylvania -> Massachusetts -> California.


VMware vExpert 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018


Hit me up on Twitter @codyhosterman


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Cody,

    I am using Pure snapping for refreshing Dev and UAT environments. I was told that it doesnt work for VMs with pure
    storage can I achieve the same in VMs as well.

    Deepak Almeida

    1. Yeah you certainly can use them–though it depends on what storage type you are using in a VMware environment. It is a bit more work with VMFS due to the abstraction layer but if you are using VVols it is very easy. So the question is first, are you using VMFS or VVols? Then depending on that, what tool would you like to use to manage snapshots? PowerShell? Python? Etc.

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