Rubrik and FlashArray Integration: Why it matters.

Just recently, Rubrik announced their integration with the FlashArray to help backup virtual machines and avoid the common performance penalty incurred during VMware snapshot consolidation. See their announcement here.

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Commvault IntelliSnap technology with VMware and the FlashArray

This is a post that is somewhat a long time coming as I did the work for this jeez basically in August 2015, but never got around to actually writing a blog post. Shame on me. Anyways, here it is!

Let us start with the requirements:

  • FlashArray 400 series or FlashArray//m
  • Purity v4.1.1 (or higher)
  • REST API: v1.4 (found in Purity v4.x and higher)
  • Fibre Channel or iSCSI Protocol
  • Commvault software version 10 service pack 12 or later with Commvault IntelliSnap software license

Some documentation links:

Pure Storage Community Commvault Page

FlashArray VMware & Commvault White Paper

Commvault VMware Setup

YouTube Demo Playlist

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