Announcing the EMC Elect class of 2014

The second generation of EMC Elect has been announced! A great mix of customers, partners and EMC employees were accepted into the program this year–congratulations to all that were! I’m thrilled to count myself as one of them.



This year I had the honor to be one of the people reviewing nominations and it was a great experience. Since I was able to read through all of the nominations I got to see all of the people who contributed to the EMC community and the passion in which they did it with. I got a whole slew of great new (to me) blogs and people on Twitter to follow in the process. Out of the 375 nominations leading to 152 finalists,  80 members were accepted into Elect 2014, five more than last year. There were a few who we could just not leave out so we upped the entrance number. It breaks down as such:

30 Partners

11 Customers

31 EMC Employees

1 Analyst

7 Independents

So a pretty nice mixture and it is great to see that most are actually non-EMCers. One thing I did notice is that there was a huge uptick in blogging among the Elect as compared to last year ( I started my own just last year). So for those of you who didn’t make it and don’t have a blog this would be a good place to start!

So congratulations to everyone who made it this year and keep it up! There are a lot of great events, briefings and other surprises in store for the Elect this year to look forward to. 

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