Virtual Storage Integrator 5.6.2 Released AppSync and USM

A new version of the EMC Virtual Storage Integrator 5.6.3 has been released for the following VSI features:

  1. AppSync–Allows you to manage service plans and datastore copies (mount, unmount, copy, restore etc.)
  2. Unified Storage Management–Provision storage from VPLEX, VMAX, VNX, VNXe from the vSphere Client

Now obviously this is a minor release and doesn’t include revolutionary changes but for users of these VSI features is worth the upgrade.


AppSync: Version 5.6.2 now support backing up all VMDKs of a VM in a VMFS and fixes a prior issue where service plans backed-up all of the suscribed VMFS volumes instead of the just the selected ones.

USM: Only new things is support for the VNX 5200 array. So an important update for those customers. A lot of fixed issues too:

  • Triggering clones no longer results in null references. Object references can be set properly now.
  • AD accounts are not duplicated any more
  • ┬áRegistering VMs in XenDesktop no longer fails.
  • Multi-VM registration with XenDesktop is faster
  • NFS datastores in a storage pool that have Access Control Utility rights assigned to it can now be extended.
  • Full clones of a VNX NFS datastore in a DRS cluster no longer fails.

So if you have these problems, upgrade! Get it here:

Release Notes:

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