My Upcoming VMUG Webinars

Hey all–in case you didn’t get a chance to go to VMworld and would like to see my sessions live (well online live) and ask questions I am repeating them somewhat via the VMUG webinars.

First one is on October 9th:

This is a deep dive on the love story that is ESXi and UNMAP. How it used to work, how it works now, how it has changed, and why. Plus how VVols changes it all. This is a session I submitted to VMworld, but it didn’t make it. Register here:

Second one is a repeat from VMworld, my session on best practicesfor vSphere for All Flash Arrays. ¬†October 31st. I try to make this as vendor agnostic as possible–should be useful if you are or are not a Pure customer.

The third one is a core storage update with Cormac Hogan. November 16th. Our session we did together at VMworld. In this, we will go over what is new in core storage in 6.5. This content is well posted online, but this will give you a chance to ask Cormac your questions!

If you missed my previous VMUG webinar you can see it here. Understanding ESXi storage queuing.

3 Replies to “My Upcoming VMUG Webinars”

  1. Cody, we are currently sitting on 6.0 vcsa until the /FA 5.x release and then plan on going to 6.5 & implementing VVols. Would there be any gain today in registering the Pure FA into the storage provider?


    1. Mark, awesome! It is coming very soon! Nah until 5.0 we do not have a storage provider, yet… As registering a storage provider is another name for registering a VASA provider, which we will not have until GA of VVols.

  2. Great webinar around unmap, best so far.
    I did send you a question regarding filling up diskspace when doing sdelete. So I think I got the question wrong. What I want to know is this: If I have overallocated a vm disk. Lets say VMFS 100 GB lun, 1 VM in the datastore. The VM has 1 disk thin with the size of 150G. The vm is using 80GB, If I run sdelete in this vm, the datastore will be filled to 100%. Because sdelete will fill upp the hole vmdk (150GB). But in this case the lun is only 100GB and will be full before completing that sdelete. Right?

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