VMworld 2018 and Pure Storage

It is that time of the year again! VMworld 2018 is just around the corner.

We (Pure Storage) have a fair amount going on this year at VMworld and I am really looking forward to the show.

A big focus this year for us is VVols–we have seen excellent traction from our customer base–it didn’t take long for our VVol deployments to get to 100s of FlashArrays. We have a lot planned for VVols and there is a lot coming for the FlashArray around that.

So first off, how can you find out more about VVols? Well the simplest option is come stop by our booth–we will have demos galore around VVols and plenty of Pure employees to take your questions around them.


Also a few sessions.

My session should be useful to anyone interested in VVols. So if you are not a Pure Storage customer, but are interested in VVols, please come by!

Also one of our great customers is going to talk about his own experience with VVols! A company you probably have heard of, Krispy Kreme!

Also a panel session by VVol customers (Krispy Kreme is in on this one too) hosted by VMware VVol and Core Storage Product Manager Bryan Young:


In the booth we will have a ton of demos, Kubernetes with VMware and Pure, SRM with our active/passive replication and our active/active replication. Our vRealize Orchestrator, vROPs and Log Insight plugins/packs. vSphere Web Client. vMSC. VVols of course. Etc, etc.

But three of the things I am the most excited about are the following:

NVMe over fabrics with ESXi! We will have a LIVE demo in the Pure Storage booth of ESXi using VMFS with NVMe over fabrics! It will show our FlashArray//x with an unreleased version of ESXi that uses RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) to provision VMFS with NVMe from the FlashArray and host your VMs. A cool technology preview that we are very excited to demonstrate in our booth. Please stop by and take a look and ask questions!

HTML-5 support in our vSphere Plugin. Our engineering is hard at work re-writing our vSphere Plugin for the HTML-5 vSphere Web Client. We are not just porting it over–we are looking at every feature and design decision we made for the original flash-based Web Client and seeing where it could be improved and changed. This is also a tech preview, but stop by and check it out!

VM Analytics. This is a feature that is currently in beta, which we plan on aggressively expanding. This allows you to see your VMware environment and performance statistics in our Pure1 Cloud Management App. Drill down to VMDKs, look for noisy neighbors, see highest consumers etc.

This isn’t everything, but should give you a nice glimpse into what we have in store at the booth.

More Sessions!

We are not only talking about VVols of course. Kubernetes, VVD and much more.

I will also be doing a core storage best practices session alongside VMware:

See you at VMworld!

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  1. Stopped by the PURE booth at VMworld. Talked a little about the VVOL’s and active-active stretched POD. Do you know when VVOL’s will be supported on PURE in a stretched POD active/active scenario? Thank you !

    1. Hey we are absolutely working on it. This is something we want to do right so it is a fairly large project. The direct work has been paused for a bit because the specific engineering team has set their focus on scale. Which we feel is needed in general and absolutely for VVols + AC. So I can’t comment on timing yet, but I can say we are making forward progress. If you want more details please reach out to your account team and we can set up a chat

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