Top vBlog Voting 2018

It is that time of year again! Top vBlog voting! I would like to thank everyone who voted for me last year–I was absolutely humbled by all of the votes I received–so thank you.

Of course thanks to Eric Siebert at for running this year after year–this voting process is no simple task. To vote go here: 

A quick note on this blog…

I pay for this blog and do not expense it. Do I work for Pure Storage? Yeah of course. Do they pay my salary? Also yes. But I made a purposeful decision to not expense it (it was a possible option).  I wanted this to be as “independent” as I could make it. I put that in quotes as this blog leans towards my overlords of VMware and Pure, but I really try to make posts useful towards VMware in general, not just Pure customers wherever possible. I write and publish and review them–I only have Pure marketing or legal take a look prior to publishing when I write about something not yet released.

So anyways I do love writing it but it is a fair amount of work–so seeing people vote for it (however many that even is doesn’t really matter) but someone taking time out of their day to say “yes this helped me” makes it worth it 1 million times over.

So whether you use my blog, or someone else’s–or found them helpful in any way–please vote for them–they will appreciate it.

Thanks as always!


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