Creating a File Repository on a vVol Datastore with PowerShell

I wrote about a new feature in vSphere 7.0 U2 here:

What’s New in vSphere 7.0 U2 Storage: Creating a File Repository on a vVol Datastore

This allows you to create a large config vVol in a vVol datastore to store large files. Use cases like ISO repositories etc.

This was at launch only available in the direct API, but as of PowerCLI 12.3 it is available in PowerCLI as well.

Pretty simple to do.

Login to vCenter:

connect-viserver -Server vcenter-70-siteb

Get the datastore manager object from the service instance of vCenter:

$services = Get-view 'ServiceInstance'
$datastoreMgr = Get-view $services.Content.DatastoreNamespaceManager

Then grab your vVol datastore.

$datastore = get-datastore FlashArray-x50-2-vVolDS

Then pass in the datastore object reference, a directory name, a null value, and a size in MB.


The null value represents an optional policy you can apply to the config vVol if you so choose. I will dig into that in another post.

This will return the path to the new folder.

And the config vVol will appear on the FlashArray with that name and size:

And the folder on the vVol datastore:

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