Join Pure Storage on June 1st for the future of Flash!

Non-technical post here. Some information though for an upcoming event:

Beginning June 1st, Pure Storage will be hosting events in 50+ cities all over the world to make some exciting announcements concerning the future of flash in the datacenter as well as a sweet new product launch. We’ll be talking about a vision that is transforming the storage industry and more. I highly recommend registering for one in a city near you!


These are in-person events–you will be able to interact in person with Pure Storage about what goes on. There will be executives, architects etc, available to present and speak with. These events are reserved for customers, partners, prospective customers and the like. If you register you will get in–it is of course free to attend. Why not come have some drinks, food and see what’s going on?

In addition–if you cannot make these events in person there will be an online event you will be able to register. The New York event will be live streamed for all to see from their office or home.

Of course there will be some fun videos as we are ought to do.


As I said these events are all over the world, so you will not have to go far to find one. Examples include (definitely not limited to!):

Register here!


New York City (Pier 59)


Chicago (Gallery 1028)


San Francisco Bay Area (Levi’s Stadium United Club)



São Paulo (Figueira Rubaiyat)


Asia, Pacific, Japan

Sydney (The Ivy Ballroom)


Seoul (Intercontinental)


Tokyo (Grand Hyatt)


Europe, Middle East & Africa

London (Banking Hall)


Munich (Upper East)

upside east

Paris (Elyseum)


So wherever you are, join us starting June 1st!!



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