FlashArray vSphere Web Client now supports vSphere 6.7

Quick post–if you are looking at using vSphere 6.7, please note that only version of our plugin that works with 6.7 is version 3.1.x or later. There were some API changes that prevent it from properly loading in the 6.7 interface.

Reach out to support if you would like the latest version! This is still only for the Flash vSphere Web Client. We are working on building an HTML-5 supported one. Stay tuned on that.

Release notes are as follows:

What’s New

vSphere 6.7 Support
This release of the plugin includes support for vSphere 6.7. Users requiring support for vSphere 6.7 must upgrade to this version of the vSphere client plugin.

What’s Fixed

Fixes for RBAC Support
Version 3.0.0 of the vSphere plugin would fail when attempting to enforce RBAC rules when used on vSphere version 6.0 or earlier. This release includes fixes to RBAC which allow RBAC to be used on vSphere server version 6.0 and earlier.

Volume Protection Group Import
This release of the plugin fixes an issue where protection group import operations from Purity would incorrectly import invalid protection groups. Only protection groups which operate on valid volumes will be included in the list of imported protection groups.

Datastore resize and delete operation failures
This release of the plugin fixes an issue where datastore resize and delete operations will fail if there is a host in maintenance mode on the same cluster. Datastore resize and delete operations will now succeed regardless if there is a host in maintenance mode.

VVol operations fail if the VM is within a vApp
This release of the plugin fixes an issue where operations on virtual disks within a virtual machine that is part of a vApp will fail. All operations of VM virtual disks through the FlashArray Virtual Volume Object tab will now work for VMs within a vApp.

Update Host/Cluster Protection operations may fail
This release of the plugin fixes an issue where updates to Host/Cluster Protection through the plugin will fail if any one of the FlashArrays added to the plugin become unreachable. This version of the plugin corrects this issue allowing Host/Cluster protection to be updated even if one FlashArray may be temporarily unreachable through the management interface.

4 Replies to “FlashArray vSphere Web Client now supports vSphere 6.7”

  1. With vSphere 6.7 comes VVOL and microsoft windows clustering support.

    Does the current version of purity support VVOL and windows clustering, using stretched pod? When we purchased our flasharray it was supported, unless you were doing a streched pod.

    1. VVols and windows clustering is supported by VMware in vSphere 6.7 but I have been able to confirm it works in my own testing yet, so I can not claim support with Pure for VVols and ms clustering yet. Stay tuned. Stretched pods (ActiveCluster) is not yet supported with VVols, but we are working on it.

  2. Nice work Cody! What is the current ETA on the HTML-5 integrated plug-in? And will it only be for 6.7 – or will 6.5 be supported as well?

    1. Q3 at this point is the target. It is item number one on the integration eng team’s priorities for the next coding interval so that timeframe is pretty locked in. We will support 6.5 and 6.7 with it (as of the current plan–though I don’t expect that to change)

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