Defaulting Windows Terminal to PowerShell 7.x Core

Quick post, I did a quick google and found nothing immediately on this, so figured a quick post might be helpful for folks. My new install of Windows Terminal was defaulting to PowerShell 5:

And to switch to 7.0.1 (core) I had to go to the dropdown and open it each time. Such drudgery!

I want to default to core, luckily this is pretty simple:

Click on the down arrow, then settings:

A json file will open, and you will see a line near the top that has a parameter called defaultProfile with a UUID:

If you scroll down, this matches the Windows PowerShell UUID. Scroll a little more and you will see the UUID for PowerShell Core:

Copy that UUID and put it in for defaultProfile:

Save and restart terminal, and voila:

As I said pretty straight forward, but might save someone a few moments.

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    1. I believe this is only in the pre-release version, but yeah the settings UI is a nice option–looking forward to the full inclusion of it

  1. there is now a direct option in Settings->Startup to set the Default Profile, so no need to edit the JSON file any more.

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