Defaulting Windows Terminal to PowerShell 7.x Core

Quick post, I did a quick google and found nothing immediately on this, so figured a quick post might be helpful for folks. My new install of Windows Terminal was defaulting to PowerShell 5:

And to switch to 7.0.1 (core) I had to go to the dropdown and open it each time. Such drudgery!

I want to default to core, luckily this is pretty simple:

Click on the down arrow, then settings:

A json file will open, and you will see a line near the top that has a parameter called defaultProfile with a UUID:

If you scroll down, this matches the Windows PowerShell UUID. Scroll a little more and you will see the UUID for PowerShell Core:

Copy that UUID and put it in for defaultProfile:

Save and restart terminal, and voila:

As I said pretty straight forward, but might save someone a few moments.

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    1. I believe this is only in the pre-release version, but yeah the settings UI is a nice option–looking forward to the full inclusion of it

  1. there is now a direct option in Settings->Startup to set the Default Profile, so no need to edit the JSON file any more.

  2. Do you know how to change custom profiles in Windows Terminal to use poweshell core as its shell?

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