Virtual Volumes

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Virtual Volumes and the FlashArray User Guide

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RequirementsEdit section

  • Purity 5.1.10 or 5.2.4 and later
  • FlashArray 400 Series, FlashArray//M, FlashArray//X
  • vCenter 6.5 or later
  • ESXi 6.5 Update 3 or later
  • Configure NTP for VMware environment and FlashArray

Overview Posts

vRealize Orchestrator

Deep Dive Blog Posts:

  1. What is a VVol Datastore?
  2. Moving from an RDM to a VVol
  3. Comparing VVols to VMDKs and RDMs
  4. VVol Data Mobility: Data from Virtual to Physical
  5. Do thin VVols perform better than thin VMDKs?
  6. What is a Config VVol Anyways?
  7. VVol Bindings Explained
  8. Recovering a Deleted Virtual Machine with VVols
  9. Queue Depth Limits and VVol Protocol Endpoints
  10. VVol Capacity Reporting
  11. VMware Capacity Reporting Part V: VVols and UNMAP
  12. Troubleshooting Virtual Volume Setup
  13. First Class Disks and VVols
  14. Required vCenter Permissions for Registering a VVol VASA Provider

PowerCLI and VVols

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