EMC Hadoop Starter Kit 2.0

A bit different of a topic today for me–nothing to do with VMAX! A quick post to give a shout out to a project a few of my colleagues have been working on recently namely, Jim Ruddy (@darth_ruddy) and Ed Walsh (@vEddieW).

Some of you might have read about or maybe even used the Hadoop Starter Kit 1.0 EMC put out around VMworld US earlier this year. For those of you who haven’t heard of it check out some posts here:



Essentially this starter kit helps customers and partners who want to deploy Hadoop on VMware but need something to help them get started, blueprints, a recipe etc (choose your favorite metaphor).  The 2.0 release builds on the previous by expanding support to Pivotal HD, Cloudera and Hortonworks and integration with VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions 1.0 (http://www.vmware.com/hadoop) . These guides are a great resource to help you get started–very simple to use and understand! Links to the four different guides are below:

The Pivotal HD guide was one that was asked for quite a bit after the initial HSK release, here is a quick video on Pivotal HD and the HSK:


If you are at VMworld Europe this week in Barcelona check out the EMC booth and stop by and talk to Jim about the HSK 2.0 and have him walk through some helpful demos. If not, hit him, Ed or myself up on Twitter!

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