Updated Symmetrix with VMware TechBook for vSphere 5.5

As some of you are aware, myself and my colleague Drew Tonnesen (@drewtonnesen) write and update an EMC document called Using EMC Symmetrix Storage in VMware vSphere Environments. This document is what we call a “TechBook”. Essentially a very detailed explanation of the best practices of using VMware with Symmetrix storage as well as overviews of integration points. If you are using Symmetrix and VMware this is a document you should use/know.

techbook cover

Anyways, Drew and I have updated it for the very latest Enginuity release (5876.251) and vSphere 5.5. Most of the Enginuity updates are really from the previous release of 5876.229, such as Federated Live Migration with VMware. Amongst the updates, here are some highlights:

  1. Federated Live Migration with VMware–A quick overview of what it is and what it supports. I did a previous blog post on this process here: https://www.codyhosterman.com/2013/06/13/migrating-a-raw-device-mapping-with-federated-live-migration/
  2. UNMAP with vSphere 5.5–We review the changes from vmkfstools to esxcli and our recommendations on the settings it offers (hint: use the defaults)
  3. VMware Log Insight–Our content pack and what it is.
  4. VMware SRM 5.5–Updates for our upcoming SRDF SRA and what it supports
  5. More!

The TechBook can be found here: http://www.emc.com/collateral/hardware/solution-overview/h2529-vmware-esx-svr-w-symmetrix-wp-ldv.pdf

2 Replies to “Updated Symmetrix with VMware TechBook for vSphere 5.5”

  1. Thanks Cody. This is GOLD!! Thanks for your and Drew’s continued hard work to make so many VMware/VMAX admins and our lives easier. Much appreciated.

  2. Love this techbook…

    Just wish there was a “lite” version I could give to my VM guys. Whenever I mention this techbook they always complain it’s too long 🙂

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