Updated Best Practices document for VMware vSphere and Pure Storage FlashArrays

Heyo–quick post here. One of my first focuses since joining Pure Storage was to update their best practices guide for VMware vSphere. It’s finally out! Updates include a lot of the stuff that I have posted on this blog as of late (essentially whatever I worked on that day went also directly here–I won’t always be this prolific).

vmware_docSome updates include:

  • More details on the Web Client Plugin
  • Expanded VAAI info–namely UNMAP
  • PowerCLI info for best practice configuration
  • Updated recommendations for setting new NMP defaults
  • Detailed volume management section
  • Virtual disk choice recommendations
  • A discussion on whether they should really be making Jurassic Park 4*
  • More!

Hit me up here in the commends or on Twitter @codyhosterman with comments/questions etc.

You can find the document here:



*not really


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