Get a Pure//Accelerate $200 Discount Code

NOTICE: This has expired and is no longer valid. Was only for Accelerate 2016. Thanks for coming!

Want to go to Pure//Accelerate 2016 and want to save a bunch of money off of the registration fee? I have an easy way! Save $200 off of the $595 dollar registration by simply Tweeting out a reason you want to go to Pure//Accelerate or why you are interested in or like the Pure Storage FlashArray! Make sure to include the following:

  • Use the hashtag #acceleratesavings
  • Include the @purestorage handle and/or the term Pure//Accelerate

I will monitor the hashtag and provide a code, if I don’t get back to you in an hour or so, please ping me!


See a post overview here:

If you do not have a Twitter handle and don’t want to open an account post a comment on this blog!

If you have questions comment or hit me up on Twitter at @codyhosterman

2 Replies to “Get a Pure//Accelerate $200 Discount Code”

  1. Hello so I did the tweet thing for the pure accelerate discount, but still haven’t gotten the code. Can you help thanks.

    1. This was for last years conference. Sorry I don’t have any for this year.

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