Using Postman with the FlashArray REST API

Quick post here.

I received a question today on using the FlashArray REST API with Postman, so I figured I would write a quick walkthrough on how to do it.

First off, in Postman you might have to turn off SSL verification:

The next step is authenticate. This is done via a POST call to generate an API token.

The URI is:


The body of the request is your username and password in JSON form:

  "password": "pureuser",
  "username": "pureuser"

In Postman:

Make sure to select raw and then JSON as the formatting under body.

Click Send and you will receive the API token:

Now use that to create the session. This is done via another POST call:


With the body being the returned API token:

 "api_token": "e9d2cd5b-7389-dbcf-2f0a-463b63383819"

Add it like so into Postman click send:

If all is good, you will get the username as a response to confirm the session:

Now you can make your REST calls as needed:

For the REST API guide, go to your FlashArray GUI and click Help. It is linked from there.


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