FlashArray Workflow Package for vRealize Orchestrator version 1.3

Quick post. I have released the FlashArray Workflow Package for vRealize Orchestrator version 1.3. Not a huge update but a few changes/new features.


Get it here:


A few minor fixes:

  • Certificate add workflow has improved input. Defaults with input starting with https://
  • Get snapshot for a given volume workflow output was corrected. Variable return type changed from “properties” to array
  • Improved input presentation for a few workflows

Three new workflows:

Expand FlashArray/VMFS Volume


This is based on the work I blogged about here. Plus a little more. This workflow takes in a VMFS datastore and a new capacity. It uses three exisiting workflows:

  1. The VMFS volume to FlashArray volume translator workflow to figure out what FlashArray array and volumes hosts the VMFS
  2. The get FlashArray volume workflow to get the current volume information
  3. Increase FlashArray volume capacity workflow. This simply resizes the given volume

The rest is code to first verify the new size is larger than the current size. While the FlashArray supports volume shrinking, VMFS does not. The other code item is rescanning to see the new volume size and performing the VMFS volume grow.

Recover a VMFS volume from the latest FlashArray Snapshot


This uses that handy VMFS volume translator workflow again as well as the workflow that gets all of the snapshots of a certain FlashArray volume and a third workflow to overwrite a volume with a snapshot. A little code in the middle to identify the latest snapshot for that volume.

Takes in a datastore object and does the rest.

List all of the FlashArray snapshots of a given VMFS


Pretty straight forward. Takes in a datastore and returns all of the available FlashArray snapshots for the volume that hosts that VMFS datastore. Basically just hooks the VMFS volume translator workflow with the get FlashArray snapshot one.

10 Replies to “FlashArray Workflow Package for vRealize Orchestrator version 1.3”

  1. Hello Cody,
    We are using vRO for automating for many Pure operations. We are customizing the workflow according to our need.

    Do you have workflow template for creating multiple luns as we do in Pure GUI with # sign?

      1. Thanks, i just installed it but these workflows dont appear to me.
        Only Appear Expand VMFS Datastore and not appear Expand FlashArray/VMFS Volume workflow
        I need to install a certificate? I tried with your steps but I dont have pure storage GUI.

          1. Thank you!

            You can see instructions here: https://www.codyhosterman.com/2017/02/introducing-the-flasharray-plugin-for-vrealize-orchestrator-v1-0/

            Also the user guide for the plugin is here: http://www.purestorage.com/content/dam/purestorage/pdf/whitepapers/ps_dg_flasharray-plugin-vrealize-orchestrator_01.pdf

            Also the workflows should all be there under the Pure Storage folder, though the workflows are renamed slightly in the official plugin as compared to my original workflow package. Let me know if that helps

  2. Thanks Cody,

    but my problem start when I run the workflow Import
    FlashArray certificate from URL in the FlashArray Connection Management folder.

    I do not know what FQDN or IP of the FlashArray to write.
    I do not know what I need to get this FQDN or IP, I haven got Pure Storage program for example.

    I hope I’m explaining well, sorry for so many comments.

    1. No worries. There is no Pure Storage external program/application. Everything runs on the array itself. So whatever the IP/FQDN you use to login to the array is what you need. If you have forgotten what that IP is, please open a ticket with Pure Storage support and they can help you find it.

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