Tech Preview: vCenter Site Recovery Manager with ActiveCluster

An increasingly common use case for Active-Active replication in vSphere environments is vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) which I wrote about in this paper recently:

This overviews how a stretched vSphere cluster interacts with the active-active replication we offer on the FlashArray called ActiveCluster.

Another common use case is having two separate vCenters, one in each site and using vCenter Site Recovery Manager to control failover.

We have SRM support today with our asynchronous replication which is detailed here:

SRM also provides support for stretched storage (active-active replication). Some information on how that works can be found here:

One of the cool features of SRM with stretched storage is the ability for it to coordinate cross-vCenter vMotions. This allows you to non-disruptively migrate VMs from one datacenter to another–one of the benefits active-active replication provides.

Our SRA does not currently support it. But we are working on it! I figured it was a good time to show a bit of a tech preview!

This video shows configuring a SRM protection group and recovery plan using active-active storage and then running a failover (which initiates cross-vCenter vMotion) and then a reprotect.

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