VMware & Pure Integration Training Videos

A few months back I was reviewing our VMware training for our field (and after some direct feedback) realized it wasn’t really doing what our field needed. It was too nuts and bolts technical–which isn’t really what was needed by the masses. There was more of a desire to understand the value of the VMware product, the value of the integration and the value that we as Pure can bring to it.

The ones that wanted/needed more technical training could get that as needed.

In short, what they wanted to be able to do was have the “I’m staffing a booth at a conference and someone asks me about vRealize Orchestrator”. Not being an expert in the product, how to do I quickly understand the value, so I know if I am chasing the right product/solution and I should inquire further.

There are so many options out there, the “why” sometimes can be the most important question.

So what I did was create a series of “fireside chat” videos where I and some other SME talks about the solution or product, do a quick demo and chat some more. Not super technical, but not marketing fluff either.

We pushed this out to our field last month, and I thought, hey why not open this up to everyone? So we did. We posted all of these videos on YouTube. Topics include:

The playlist can be found here:

Individual videos are linked below too:

Check ’em out!

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