FlashArray and VMware documentation update for vSphere 6

I have completed updates for two of my main VMware vSphere documents for the Pure Storage FlashArray. These include the standard best practices document and the white paper explaining VAAI in detail and how it works on the FlashArray.










Best Practices Document Link

VAAI White Paper Link

The best practices document has mainly been updated with information that this blog has shown in the past couple of months. Notably:

  • vSphere 6 updates, support for Web Client Plugin versions, changes in virtual disk recommendations, in-guest UNMAP support, etc
  • VMFS UNMAP changes when it comes to best practice recommendations
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack
  • EFI-enabled VMs and Disk.DiskMaxIOSize

In the VAAI document, it is a similar update:

  • vSphere 6 changes, mainly focused on the thin virtual disk XCOPY enhancements
  • UNMAP changes, block counts, performance and in-guest support (EnableBlockDelete)

Both documents are also updated for FlashArray//m, but it is mainly a cosmetic change as nothing really changes for the VMware environment, no recommendations are changed. Of course the documents are also cleaned up and re-arranged to be more reader friendly with a semi-new format as well.

Important! If you have old versions of these documents, delete them! These get updated frequently (a few times a year at least) and these changes can be important. When needing to refer to the guides, please check back to the Pure Storage community for the latest version.

Enjoy! As always feedback on these documents is ALWAYS welcome.


3 Replies to “FlashArray and VMware documentation update for vSphere 6”

  1. Hi Cody,

    I was routed to you from the following blog:

    I am looking for the performance test results that were done for CPU utilization when DiskMaxIOSize was changed from 32Mb to 4Mb. We have clusters that are CPU constrained and we would need to know the impact of changing DiskMaxIOSize.

    Kindly let me know if you have something along the lines to share. Thanks

    1. Rahul,

      Thanks for your comment!

      This post was when I worked at EMC which was a few years ago, so I don’t have anything to share if you are referring to VMAX.

      If you are referring to the FlashArray, the recommendation is not about performance, which I can get into. Or are yuh just looking at general guidance on this setting?


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