Announcing Pure Storage FlashArray VVol GA

This is a blog post I have been waiting to write for a long time. We at Pure Storage are pleased to announce that vSphere Virtual Volume support on the FlashArray is officially GA!

The FlashArray now supports running VVols in Purity 5.0.0 and later. The cool thing about the FlashArray is the flexibility of the Purity Operating Environment–so VVols are supported on all FA 400 models (405, 420, and 450), //M models (m10, m20, m50, m70) and FlashArray//X.Furthermore, we support VASA version 3.0, which includes support for array-based replication and VVols. And remember–we dont license our software, you get it for no additional cost.

There is zero installation and configuration required for our active-active VASA providers–they come built-in when you upgrade your FlashArray to Purity 5.0.0.

I’ve written in detail in the past about our implementation and will continue to, but you can find all you need here on my blog landing page:

Virtual Volumes

and various posts:

  1. Introducing vSphere Virtual Volumes on the FlashArray
  2. Oracle and FlashArray Virtual Volumes
  3. VVols: A Whole New World for SQL Server Virtualization
  4. What is a VVol Datastore?
  5. Moving from an RDM to a VVol
  6. Comparing VVols to VMDKs and RDMs
  7. VVol Data Mobility: Data from Virtual to Physical
  8. Do thin VVols perform better than thin VMDKs?
  9. What is a Config VVol Anyways?
  10. VVol Bindings Explained
  11. Importing a VVol Snapshot with PowerCLI
  12. Recovering a Deleted Virtual Machine with VVols
  13. Queue Depth Limits and VVol Protocol Endpoints
  14. Getting Started with vRealize Orchestrator and VVols

Also, see my User Guide I wrote and my Quick Start Guide:

Quick Start Guide:

User Guide:

Also our support site with more information:

See the VMware Compatibility Guide listing here: 

But wait, there’s more!

Also, we have introduced support for vSphere Metro Storage Cluster:

The FlashArray Active-Active replication called ActiveCluster is super easy to setup and like everything on the FlashArray: no licensing required. You have an active support contract? You get ActiveCluster.

Also, I’m pleased to introduce an official VMware Validated Design with Pure Storage!

Enjoy the best of both worlds: VMware (vSphere, vRealize, NSX and other fantastic VMware products) and the Pure Storage FlashArray all together in a validated design.

Enjoy and stay tuned for a lot more!

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